Lockout Tag-Out

Primero Engineering offers a full service OSHA compliant lockout tag-out (“LOTO”) investigation program. Each investigation performed is developed on a case-by-case basis effectively creating a customized procedure for each facility. We use state-of-the-art technology to professionally investigate, identify, and create all inclusive OSHA compliant procedures. Our expertise is applicable to a wide range of facilities ranging from small to large. We are capable of creating a LOTO procedure for any piece of mechanical equipment.

Primero Engineering will create a first-class lockout procedure for your company. ¬†As your company upgrades mechanical equipment, we are capable of maintaining your current LOTO procedure. Although you may already have a LOTO procedure, we offer continuing investigation services that can improve, replace, or bring up-to-date your facility’s procedure.

We offer reasonable pricing based off of expertise required.

For an estimate of services please call: 210-829-5499; or email ThomasKita@PrimeroEngineering.com