About Primero

Our Mission

We help people find solutions to their building problems.

Our goal is to help them keep their facilities in good condition so their operations are efficient and profitable.

We fulfill this goal by using our expertise in architectural engineering, structural engineering, building design, roofing, waterproofing, and cladding.

What We Do

We don’t know of another company like us: an engineering company whose purpose is to help people solve their problems with existing facilities. Primero Engineering is unique among engineering companies.

Most engineering companies in the building industry focus on designing new projects “from the ground up.” They will do the kind of work we are best at only if asked or to fill excess capacity. Others focus on forensic engineering: they provide causation and damage investigations, but their clientele is the insurance industry and legal profession. They can tell you what the problem is, but you still have to call someone else to correct it. That’s not cost effective!

We do what other engineering companies can’t or won’t: we use our experience and expertise to resolve our clients’ existing facility problems. We provide our clients with assessments, investigations, restoration/repair solutions, and modification design, not new buildings. Wouldn’t you rather work with someone focused on your needs rather than someone whose interests are elsewhere?